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Juniper Creek Golden Years

I Want to Hold Your Hand

Is one afternoon enough to find love?

Gemma Pierce, a heartbroken, adventurous septuagenarian, visits the cozy town of Juniper Creek to recover from a messy breakup, and the last thing she anticipates is holding hands with a stranger for the afternoon. But maybe connecting with a stranger is exactly what Gem needs to find her way back to herself. As long as she can figure out what she truly wants before the afternoon is over . . .

"I Want to Hold Your Hand" is a heartwarming short story set in the world of the Juniper Creek Golden Years queer contemporary romance series.


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A Tale of Two Florists (Juniper Creek Golden Years Book 1)

When the petals stop flying, will these rival florists be left with broken hearts or a budding romance?

Minnie Thomas loves her life exactly the way it is. Which is why several sudden changes leave the septuagenarian feeling so out of sorts—but none so much as the rival florist setting up shop down the street. With her whole world off-kilter, will Minnie cling to the past so tightly that she misses out on what the present has to offer—love with Eleanor?

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Books: Work

If you like feel-good contemporary small-town romance with older protagonists and happy endings, you'll love this series of heartfelt standalone romances.

Of Love and Libraries (Juniper Creek Golden Years Book 2)

The thrill-seeking photographer. The fiery librarian. The hometown hardship that finally brings them together.

After fifty years of pining, sparks fly when photographer Frankie Chan reunites with her big-hearted childhood confidant Dylan Lavoie to save the Juniper Creek Library. The only things standing in their way are the lack of library funding and their messy history. Can they forgive their painful past to save the library—and their second chance at love—before it’s too late? Find out in this charming queer contemporary romance.

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Wishing on Winter (Juniper Creek Golden Years Book 3)

Release date: November 13, 2023

The aspiring novelist. The retired drummer. The fake relationship that will warm up their winter.

Queer retiree Evvie Adler wants to find a partner by Christmas—as writing research, of course. She’s about to give up until retired drummer Matthias Vogel agrees to fake date her if she’ll help him with his band memoir. But when feelings get real and insecurities collide, can these two find true love and make this the best holiday season ever?

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