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A Tale of Two Florists

Juniper Creek Golden Years Book 1


eBook: CA $2.99

Release date: March 9, 2023

As featured in "Books About Queer Elders Give Me Hope for the Future" by CJ Connor on

The new florist in town wants to live her best life.

The hometown florist's life is just fine as it is, thank you very much.

When the petals stop flying, will these rival florists be left with broken hearts or a budding romance?

Minnie Thomas wouldn’t change a thing. The septuagenarian sees her closest friend every day, she owns the most successful (and only) flower shop in Juniper Creek, and she loves her star employee, Kat, like family. But when Kat inexplicably quits and Minnie’s friend goes out of town, Minnie’s stable world tilts off-kilter—especially when Kat’s newly arrived free-spirited grandmother opens a flower shop just down the street.

Eleanor Lennox is determined to embrace life again and get to know Kat better. She promised her late wife she would open a flower shop, but she never counted on resistance from Kat’s infuriating former employer. When the mayor asks the two of them to work together on the upcoming Sunflower Festival, Eleanor tries to smooth things over for Kat’s sake—but the feisty florist only works harder to run her out of town. Well, two can play that game.

After connecting during a road trip to pick up flower barrels for the festival, Minnie and Eleanor form a budding relationship—which shrivels when Minnie’s friend announces she’s moving. Will Minnie cling to the past so tightly that she misses out on the beauty the present has to offer her—love with Eleanor?

A Tale of Two Florists is the first title in the Juniper Creek Golden Years queer contemporary romance series. If you like golden-years enemies-to-lovers romance and enchanting small towns, you’ll fall in love with this playful, lighthearted romp through Juniper Creek with Minnie and Eleanor. 

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Genre: queer contemporary small-town romance

Length: 51K words

Reading time: 3–4 hours

Format: eBook

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